Morning Reading Material

Some interesting reading material this morning:

Don't forget the Miami Pizza Crawl starts tomorrow 6:30 pm at Joey's Wynwood, then moves to Pizzavolante and (if appetites allow) Andiamo. If you're hoping to join in and haven't done so yet, please join the Miami Chowdown Google Group and let me know so we can try to plan accordingly.


  1. I'm intrigued about this Pizza Crawl! Who's idea was it? Especially in light of our non-existence in Alan Richman's (for GQ)10 best cities for pizza (not surprised) nor top 25 pizza places...

  2. One of the Chowhound Florida board's regular suspects suggested the idea to me - I picked up the ball and ran with it. Come join us if you can, starting at 6:30 at Joey's Wynwood. The group is probably going to be about 15-20.


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