Mai Tardi Opening in Former Brosia Spot

Mai TardiThe good folks at Thrillist bring news that "Mai Tardi," a new restaurant from the Graspa Group (the folks who run Spris, Tiramesu, the Lincoln Road Segafredo, and Van Dyke Cafe), will be opening Wednesday in the Design District location formerly held down by Brosia.

Thrillist has a link to the menu, which appears to be more ambitious than any of their other ventures to date and mixes Italian and tropical motifs (Flor-Italian?) along with a fulsome list of pizzas from a new wood-burning oven.


  1. There was a pre-opening event with some sample dishes and I would say that the food I tasted that day did show more ambition than Tiramesu. I was surprised, but I think they understand that food requires more focus in the DD and they are bringing that. That day the vibe was funner, dare I say more loungey than Brosia, but with good food. Despite my initial resistance, I hope it works for the space.

  2. Great! Thanks for the info. I will be sure to review it in the future.

  3. I dont know about this one. Menu seems to dumbed down to steal customers from the other restaurants in the area and Im not sure there is another pocket of customers looking for a Spris/Tiramisu combo joint. Maybe there is? I guess the area could use some Italian? I think I might agree with your first assessment, Frod, in that the whole thing sounds maitarded.

  4. BM, I didn't look at the menu yet but I'm not sure I'd bet against that group.


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