I love good food. I love writing about food. I live in Miami, and so I focus my efforts mostly on where to find good things to eat in and around South Florida. For reasons that are a bit fuzzy even to me, it seemed perhaps a good idea to gather some of my thoughts in one place. Here, you'll find restaurant reviews for places throughout South Florida and wherever else I may wind up, as well as occasional blather about points more abstruse yet still somehow food-related.

A few words on the layout of this site. On the side is a box called "Where Should I Eat Now?" This isn't a listing of the "best" restaurants in South Florida, or the "hottest," or anything like that. Instead, it's more of a personal diary of where I've eaten lately that's been good, or what I'm currently craving. For the places that come up most often when I'm asked the question, "What are the best places to eat in Miami?" check "The List – Where to Eat in Miami" at the top of the page.

There is also a list of all of the restaurants (also, a few food trucks, and sometimes, underground dinners and pop-up type dining events) that have been covered here, divided into "South Florida" and "Further Afield." If you'd like to search by cuisine or location, you can try using the tags, which are listed on the bottom. There are also a couple lists of links to other food-related websites and blogs that I sometimes find interesting, again divided into "South Florida" and "Further Afield."

There are also a few ways to follow FFT - you can subscribe to the posts or comments by RSS or email. You can find me in the Twitterverse as @frodnesor. You can also see a rotating selection of pictures from my flickr photostream. I'm @frodnesor on Instagram as well, but I'm not there nearly as often.

A few things about me. I'm not a professional food writer, nor do I aspire to be (though I've been published here and there). Nor am I otherwise in the restaurant business. I do help organize the Cobaya "underground" dinners, but that is a hobby, not a business (you can read more about past Cobaya dinners here). So is this blog; you'll see that there's no advertising. I do this for fun.

But I do generally try to follow the Association of Food Journalists' Critic's Guidelines. That means, unless otherwise indicated, that I try to dine anonymously (i.e. I don't announce myself as "a guy who writes a food blog that gets at least a dozen hits daily"), make multiple visits before writing up a place, and pay for my own meals. If I'm "known to the house," or am writing based on only one experience, or am writing about a comped event, I try to make that clear.

I don't use my real name here for a couple reasons. First, I have a real job, one for which I'd prefer, if people Google my name, that the first thing to come up isn't what I thought of my last dinner. And second, it makes it easier, in the unlikely event anyone actually were paying attention, to dine anonymously, rather than having to don wigs and disguises and get phony credit cards.

Please enjoy.

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