The Bagel Wars Are On

Hot on the heels of the "Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.," here's another entrant into the bagel brouhaha: Brooklyn Bagels, coming - sooner or later, like so many other places announce - to Midtown Miami. The press release says the owner, Ashraf Sahaltout, has "roots in Brooklyn for generations. " I could not, despite inquiry, get any info as to what NY delis he's been associated with.

Press release also said that "a key ingredient he proudly utilizes is the pure city water shipped directly from New York." OK, bakers: how much water would you need to ship down from New York to really do that?

Meanwhile, the author of "The Bagel: A Surprising History of a Modest Bread" chimes in on the whole issue of whether it's really about the water:

As to whether New York City water is the all-important ingredient — the bread scientists I consulted were not convinced.
A good bagel place would certainly be a valuable addition to the midtown Miami area. Maybe everyone should save their efforts in trying to use, or recreate, New York water, and just focus on making a better bagel. Anticipated opening date: December 2009.


  1. My thoughts exactly when I got the release. Well, you know that already, Frod :)

  2. Frod-did you see my post on NT?...Yes will be great to have Midtown bagel place as FYI also opening on Brickell at Brickell on the River South as well as Downtown as this guy has expansion on his mind-I just hope he also has consistency and quality as well; as too much too soon well we've all seen that before...Cant wait til I can wake up walk a few steps for my sunday staple-Pump-Nova Onion Caper with a shmere of scallion-and maybe just maybe if I could get a nice piece of sturgeon I would be a chazza in heat-

    and if they could make a real Bialy....dont even start me up

  3. I'm always intrigued by the folks who are looking to franchise or expand before they've even established the success of one outlet. But more power to them if they make a good bagel.

    I thought the entire Q&A session in the NY Times is worth reading, if you haven't already done so. I liked the author's standards for a good bagel:

    "Everyone has his or her own particular standards, but for me the crust has to be shiny and crunchy; the inside consistency chewy and slightly damp; the taste should be yeasty with a tangy bite, and the overall effect of eating a bagel should be that you feel like a stone has landed in your stomach — in the best possible way, of course."

  4. I dont care what anyone says, NYC tap water is nasty to drink. I couldnt care less if its in a bagel. Matter of fact, Im more apt not to eat a bagel if people are using NYC tap water as a selling tool. Just make a good goddamn bagel already.

  5. Sighhh this is what happens when the Yankees have a 7.5 game lead over the Sox on 9/4...

  6. Haha, wait till CC has his usual playoff meltdown. Yanks are hitting well right now, I'll give you that. Sox will hopefully make it and Beckett will hopefully stop getting shelled in time.

  7. BM, if the Yanks face the sox in the playoffs we may need to hit Kelly's Landing for some Bourbon and Bellies. Chowdah too.. Frod u down for a 2009 boston massacre??

  8. You must be smokin Angel Dust again man... Definitely will have to meet up for some bellies and bourbons though if the Sox face the Yanks.

  9. I think you'll each need to choose your "home field" - if it's Kelley's for the Red Sox, what'll it be for the Yanks?

  10. Frodnesor, you are all over this bagel-hype. It's easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to find a good bagel.

    And nowhere have I seen bagels like we used to buy in Brooklyn and on the Lower East Side in the 1960's. Those bagels, small, yeasty and so tough you could hang a piano from one, seem to be extinct - they were wonderful. Don't get me going on bialeys :-(


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