Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Water Under the Bridge?

Some more insights on the "Brooklyn water bagel" issue from Bob Del Grosso, a/k/a the Hunger Artist, former instructor of Advanced Culinary Principles at the Culinary Institute of America, in "Bagels for Suckers":

For the record. I believe that if NY bagels are good (and not all of them are, there are plenty of crappy bagels made in NYC) their quality is almost entirely the result of what is left out (sugar, dough conditioners etc) rather than what is put in, flour quality and superior mixing, proofing, boiling and baking technique.

And his opinion is backed by some empirical observation:

When I was teaching Advanced Culinary Principles (a food science class) at CIA some of my students made bagels with water from Brooklyn, Miami, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. A blind tasting turned up no significant differences among them.
I wonder if any of these new, franchise-aspiring bagelmongers would be willing to put their bagels up to the same taste test.


  1. Bagel crawl!!! I'll bring the Lox.


  2. If someone's willing to schlep up to Delray to retrieve some "Brooklyn Water Bagels," I think a blind bagel tasting would be pretty easy to arrange.

    Who would be the contestants? Sage is my candidate.

  3. Sage, Mo's, Bagel & Co. and Bagel Bar East would be easy to do.