Wednesday, July 1, 2009

goes around ... comes around Part II

I noted in earlier posts the curious phenomenon of similar dishes multiplying like tribbles across menus throughout the country. Today, Food & Wine predicts that sea urchin will be the "Next It Sandwich," giving props to Michael White at the newly opened Marea, George Mendes at the newly opened Aldea, and El Quinto Pino, a tapas spot in Chelsea. One curious omission? Michelle Bernstein, who has had her uni sandwich (which was wowing folks at the James Beard Awards a couple months ago) on the menu at Sra. Martinez since it opened last December. At least the New York Times gave due credit when it ran a similar story last month, as did an earlier blogger's recounting of the genesis of the dish (sort of) at El Quinto Pino.

Not that the increasing prevalence of uni sandwiches is anything to complain about, of course.


  1. I really dont know how I feel about the uni sandwich. The first time I had it at Sra Martinez, I liked it but I commented that I wish the bread was a thinner loaf that was less, er...bread-y. The 2nd time I had the dish the same held true, even more so because the portion of uni had diminished quite noticeably. While I love all things uni, Im just not loving the uni sandwich because I feel the bread gets in the way. A thinner bread may work but then again its gotta have some soft fluff or the thing will be a hot mess.

    I guess Im just a purist at heart. Gimme my uni sashimi style on top of a couple of shiso leaves (aka, the best leaf ever grown) and watch my chi glow. :)

  2. Sounds like you would like an uni panini. Have either of you been to Sra Martinez for lunch? Curious about the menu

  3. F&W is probably just tired of mentioning Michelle Bernstein