Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sketches of Spain

A couple meditations on Spanish themes to start the day:

por finPor Fin in Coral Gables is offering the chance to "Experience the Running of the Bulls Without Getting Gored." In celebration of the foolhardy annual tradition of running down Pamplona's cobbled streets with six one-ton bulls in chase (typically after staying up all night drinking the evening before), Por Fin is offering two-for-one drinks (including sangria and kalimotxo, the red wine & cola concoction that is one of the Basques' few uncharacteristically questionable contributions to gastronomy), $5 tapitas, and flamenco music from 5:30 p.m. to closing on July 8-12. Only four people were injured in the opening day of this year's run. Hopefully Por Fin's body count will be even lower.

Meanwhile, UrbanDaddy reports that Solea, a Mediterranean (hey - at least it's not a steakhouse!) restaurant in the new W Hotel South Beach, is open for business, and gives a link to the Solea menu which shows some prominent Spanish leanings. While UD picked up that the restaurant is managed by the same folks who run Quattro on Lincoln Road, New Times' Short Order adds that the chef team is Michael Gilligan (formerly of Atrio in the Conrad) and Norman Van Aken protege Arthur Artiles (last at the now-closed Brosia in the Design District).


  1. Menu looks good and is HEAVY on the Spanish tilt... although I must say I was turned off by the very first item on the menu... Gazpacho for $12! You gotta be kidding... I know its a "W" but seriously? Last night I had the gazpacho at MGFD for $11... and it was loaded with rock shrimp and made from heirloom tomatoes. (although i must admit it was not one of my fav gazpachos nor a fav MGFD dish)

  2. All the prices at Solea seem somewhat high, with apps starting at $12 (for a gazpacho or a hummus platter) and quickly getting to $20+, and only one entrée under $30.

  3. I was just at Por Fin for lunch and the waiters are all decked out in white t-shirts and red bandannas around their neck, ready to start running at the first sight of a bull.