Thursday, September 23, 2010

Allez cuisine!

If you weren't able to catch Chef Katsuya Fukushima at our Cobaya Dinner earlier this month, here is another chance to see him cook:

Sunday, September 26 at 9:00 p.m. on Iron Chef America. Allez cuisine!


  1. Let's hope he tries harder than he did at the Cobaya dinner.

  2. dear anonymous,
    katsuya here. sorry to see that you were up at three in the morning posting such a sarcastic comment . especially during a special time in my culinary career. you must certainly been dissatisfied with your meal to take a jab at me this way. to lessen my iron chef battle and to lessen the great time i had in miami. i will happily refund you for a portion of the meal. i say portion because after paying for the space, servers, dj, dishwasher, booze, my flight to get to miami AND cook, my hotel, fresh sea urchin, waygu beef, fresh burrata, truffles, iberico ham, rest of the ingredients as well as for chef douglas's ingredients there really wasn't much left. this mind you does not include the time my friend jeremiah spent taking me to supermarkets all over miami, prepping/working for 20+hours. for one person to roll out 320 meatballs, to roll out 100 croquetas and batter them, etc takes time. i love what i do and "try" all the time. for you to say "let's hope he tries harder..." is such a low blow. you don't know me. i cooked what i would actually cook for my friends at home. that was the whole point for me. sorry, i could have come and worked 80hrs and given you an el bulli experience but who could afford it? i apologize the meal wasn't to your expectation. i was excited to come to miami and cook tasty non " molecular" food. i will "try" to not let it ruin an otherwise great trip.

  3. Congrats Chef! Wish you would have brought that fire to Miami.