Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where Angels Fear to Tread

A freelance writer for the Miami New Times took it upon herself to give a "critique" of the Cobaya dinners in their Short Order blog today. I put "critique" in quotes because what was most interesting about her comments - to me, anyway - is that she has never actually been to one of our events.

Unfortunately, New Times was too craven to publish my response, which I attempted to post on their site. So instead, you can read my response here.


  1. Ha! How ironic Christina Staalstrom.

    Please read the link below regarding the problems she has had with her employees.

  2. Hey Frodnesor: I'm not on Short Order's twitter 24/7. If you even saw my comment you'll see that we were having issues with our blogs yesterday. Sorry you were too lazy to respond to Christina inquiry for comment. Next time you know.

  3. Hey Duran: Yeah, the might New Times Shit Order blog says "jump" and everyone is supposed to bounce into action? Get over yourself, pal. Christina, like most Short Order writers, is a hack. You should probably look into becoming a janitor because your career has peaked as "web editor" of a free newspaper.

  4. @Hose B: Lulz! We'll see about my career. Funniest thing I've read all day. Thanks for the laughs.

  5. Duran, your writers would not have made the cut at my high school newspaper.

    There are no journalistic standards at The New Times. Read this week's restaurant review and tell me that something fishy is not going on. Ha!