Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Do List

You may have noticed that the pace here at FFT has slowed up lately. It's certainly not for lack of subject matter, but rather lack of time. In fact, despite the still-sluggish economy, these seem to be relative boom times for Miami restaurants, and not only for casual, modern Asian fare (though there is plenty of that to go around). Just the past couple months have seen a number of intriguing new places open, with more in the pipeline. Plus, there are still remnants of two trips (Maine and Spain) to discuss, including a really pleasant surprise in tiny Lincolnville, Maine (The Edge), some disappointment in another highly regarded Maine restaurant (Primo), and a tapas-fest in Barcelona.

Sometimes when things start to pile up it helps to make a list. So here is my FFT "to-do list." Which surely is going to be subject to any number of distractions along the way. Plus CSA season starts today, which means I may again subject everyone to my stumbling efforts to cook through my veggie share.

Any suggestions for other places that should be on this list?

New & Have to Try:

DB Bistro Moderne
Vino e Olio
De Rodriguez Ocean

Newish, Need to Revisit & Write Up:

Il Mercato

Not So New, Still Worth Mention

Canyon Ranch Grill
Chu's Taiwan Kitchen

Waiting to Open

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

(Lots of these I still need to try, or try again)

Fish Box
Yellow Submarine
Latin House Grill
Grillmaster Cafe
Rolling Stove
Doggi Style
Bites on Wheels
Feverish Ice Cream
Dolci Peccati Gelato

(continued ...)

Downtown (Some Little Places to Go To)

Sparky's Roadside BBQ
First & First Southern Baking Co.
Cvi.che 105
Soi Asian Bistro
Bali Cafe

Whatever Happened To?
(Five Countries in Five Blocks Project)

Las Vacas Gordas
La Perrada de Edgar
Buenos Aires Bakery
Moises Bakery

Just Not So Interested (It's Not You It's Me)

Prime 112
Casa Tua
DeVito South Beach (sorry to have missed the short tenure of Chef Dena Marino)
Any more steakhouses

Unfinished Travelogues

The Edge (Lincolnville, ME)
Primo (Rockland, ME)
Tapas 24 (Barcelona)
Bar Mut (Barcelona)
El Pinotxo (Barcelona)

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  1. Crazy about you (not you, the restaurant ;o)....recently opened in Miami, same owners of Dolores but you can call me Lolita....worths a visit....try the Broiled Atlantic Cod ...delicious!!