Friday, June 5, 2009

You Got Food on Your T-Shirt There

A few months ago, Mr. Cod (Gurgling? I'm not sure we're on a first-name basis) inspired me to try to track down all of the food-related t-shirts available from the awesome website Threadless, a wonderful site with user-designed t-shirts (a few of which I already own). I'm sure I missed some, but here goes (Notes: hover over the picture to see the title; click to go to the shirt on the Threadless website; no, I'm not getting any commision if you buy one; and if none of these strike your fancy, maybe try these at StoveMonkeys, made by chefs for chefs):

a piece of cakeafter huntingah munna eat choo
books are good for youbread barber
cake is awesome
catburgercookie loves milkcrayfish crush
eggs milk and
extra pulp
get it to go gingerbread nightmares
house salad
I always liked your porridge best
inside you
ice cream cheerleading stuntif you can read thisketchup & mustard
marshmallow factory
meat is murder
mmmh … delicious
mmm oranges
my creative juices
nothing rhymes with orange
pancakes mountain
piece of meat
pizza party
playin in the sprinkler
revenge of the sushi
samurai sushi
skip dessert
s’more 101
spaghetti western
sticks of shame
stupid raisins
the food chain
there’s no crying in breakfast
we’re toast
you are what you eat
you say tomato
you’ve got some splaining to do


  1. These shirts are funny. I had even more fun clicking on each one to see how the creators went through so much meticulous staging to photo their designs.
    Thanks for the detailed Scotch dinner mention. We may have to add neeps... I mean, you can't have tatties without them as you stated.
    Matt from is really cool (thanks for giving him a mention as well). He actually stopped in the hotel yesterday to drop off a couple of designs for Chef K and myself. That was a great gesture. I'll definitely be sporting them asap.

  2. Im bummed that burger one was sold out! I also think the marshmellows! one is hilarious but I dont see me wearing it haha.

  3. The burger one is hilarious. Milk and cookies is cute.

  4. I already have House Salad and mmmh, delicious. I kinda like eggs, milk and ... I should have also mentioned this one made by Fleishers Butchers - Bacon. The Gateway Meat. Mrs. F often tells me I'm too old to be wearing these.

  5. I have the steak shirt. I always get comments on it.

  6. Wow! I think I realized you were a Threadless fan when you mentioned it on Twitter. I have an orange saying "Squeeze Me!" to a juicer. My husband and I are big fans.

  7. I have eight of these. Not sure what that says about me.

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  9. fave is the chef being led away by the cock and bull, I mean cops ; )