Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eat Your Veggies

tomatoesThis will be my first season subscribing to the Community Supported Agriculture ("CSA") program through Bee Heaven Farm and I hope to be reporting on it here in the coming weeks (season starts November 21). If you're not familiar, the idea of CSA programs is to make it easier to get fresh, locally grown produce, while simultaneously supporting your local farmers, by buying in advance a subscription for the season of a share of the farm's harvest. Last year, the shares were filled by contributions from several farms, including Bee Heaven, Paradise Farms, Worden Farm, Three Sisters Farm and Homestead Organic Farms.

I believe Bee Heaven's CSA program is fully booked for this season, but if you're interested there is another option available. Teena's Pride Farm, another Homestead grower, will be doing a CSA program this season, and using Sunset Corners wine and liquor store in South Miami as their pickup location. Teena's Pride is offering subscriptions to a 24-week season, with a full share for $960 (amounts to $40/week)or a 1/2 share for $600 ($25/week). You can also do a 12-week half-season for $504 for the full share or $324 for a 1/2 share. The first pickup day will be Tuesday November 24, and then will resume on Thursday December 3.

For more information or to sign up, contact Teena at:
PO Box 924920, Princeton, Fl 33092


  1. Excellent. This will be my 2nd year on the Bee Heaven CSA. Had some minor gripes last year (overly repetitive offerings of callaloo, a lack of any heirloom items like tomatoes, etc.). You'll get some great stuff. Biggest challenge is using it all up within a week. Good to know I'll have someone to knock recipes off of!

  2. I've already started plotted my attack on the ubiquitous calalloo. We'll see how it goes.