Saturday, March 20, 2010

CSA Carrots - Check!

I know I swore off posting pictures of my CSA share, but - check out this carrot!

There were about a dozen more of these knobby little guys in the share this week; too bad I don't have a wood-fired oven like at Michael's Genuine to roast them in.


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  2. Wow, no comment. No appropriate one anyways LOL.

    As for carrots and eating them, my friend makes them by whittling them down with a peeler and then just sauteing them in a pan with a little salt n pepper. No oil required! They taste awesome this way. Try it sometime.

  3. Mine were all knobby and hard to peel but I laid mine all out in the bottom of a roasting pan and put a nice fat organic chicken on top and stuffed it with preserved lemon, garlic and green olives and they tasted mighty fine! Very sweet!