Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top Chef Andrea Curto-Randazzo!

For years, Andrea Curto-Randazzo has been one of my favorite local chefs. We've long been fixtures at the kitchen bar seats at Talula, the restaurant that she and husband Frank Randazzo opened in 2003, and I've often told anyone who will listen that I think they put out the best food to be found on South Beach. Chef Curto-Randazzo also helped kick off our Cobaya underground dinners with our first event, one that many of us still think was the best dinner we've done.

And, yes, I also happen to be a Top Chef fan as well.

So I am thrilled - just thrilled - to see that she is going to be a contestant on next season's Top Chef, and that the rest of the country will get a chance to see what she's capable of doing.

I will be watching and rooting for Andrea like a gibbering maniac. GO ANDREA!


  1. Sweet! We'll be rooting her on for sure! Looking forward to this season even more now!

  2. Going to have to make sure to not miss any of this season. Wish her the best!

  3. Awesome!

    I'm guessing she'll have a bit of an unfair advantage since she probably belongs in the Master's group. Sounds like even more reason to do a Cobaya sendoff!