Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vote or Die(t)

We've been sticking to the restaurant write-ups for the most part here at FFT, but every once in a while things come up that seem worth passing along. Fresh on the heels of some local recognition in the form of several 2012 James Beard Award semifinalists[1] - Yardbird for Best New Restaurant, Hedy Goldsmith (Michael's Genuine) for Outstanding Pastry Chef, Jarrod Verbiak (DB Bistro Moderne) for Rising Star Chef of the Year, and Clay Conley (Buccan), Paula DaSilva (1500°), Jeff McInnis (Yardbird), and Jose Mendin (Pubbelly) for Best Chef: South - Food & Wine magazine is opening its annual "Best New Chef" listings up to the riff-raff. A hundred chefs from among ten different "regions"[2] are up for selection by popular vote as "The People's Best New Chef."

As one who labors for recognition of the local talent when it's warranted, I encourage you to make your own opinion known. The South Florida candidates are:
You can vote here: Food & Wine People's Best New Chef : Gulf Coast Chefs

While we're at it, a question for you readers. Lately I've focused my energies here on restaurant write-ups, rather than "news," openings, events and the like.[3] Candidly, I figure most everyone that's reading this particular niche publication is already on the same mailing lists as me, and you're either getting the same e-mail blasts or are reading about them somewhere else shortly afterwards. Even if you're not scouring Eater Miami and Short Order yourself, you can always check the "Blogosphere" columns on the right-hand side of FFT and read the same exact fluff stuff that I'm reading. Or, if you're the kind of person who gets all your political news from The Daily Show - like me - you can get your food news in funny and easily digestible weekly doses over at Miami Restaurant Power Rankings.

(continued ...)

Having said that, there are times when I come across events or other tidbits that appeal to me, and which I consequently think might appeal to you. So the question is: do you read FFT just for the restaurant write-ups, or is it a useful service to you judiciously pass along information regarding various other goings-on about town?

Please let me know your thoughts.

[1] I've always found it confusing that the "long list" for the Beard Awards is called "semifinalists" while the "short list" is called "nominees."

[2] Somehow Florida got lumped into the "Gulf Coast," which I suppose is true of part of our state, even if none of the nominees come from that part of the state.

[3] With some Cobaya dinners, the occasional CSA update, and random scattered thoughts interspersed along the way.


  1. I personally would love to see more than just the reviews. As someone who enjoys all aspects of the culinary world, particularly Miami`s growing scene, any insight would be greatly appreciated and I'm sure a very good read.

  2. I mostly read for the reviews, though I do enjoy your other content (especially the Cobaya write-ups).

  3. I read FFT to improve my vocabulary.

  4. Do I really have to mention what I would like to see more of? :)


  5. The reviews are of most importance to me. The news of the eating world are second. If I missed all your Cobaya/CSA write-ups, I don't think I'd feel slighted. I go out to eat, I have an interest in that world, but I will never be invited to a Cobaya meal, and don't care how many ways you can conceive to use thirty pounds of string beans.

  6. I thought "pastry chef" meant "girlfriend of the owner"?

  7. You should write about what you want. Don't force yourself into writing about things just because people say they want to hear more about reviews or news.

    If you start writing about news just because you think that is what people want to hear, this blog will then just become work and it will eventually come through in your writing.

  8. I agree with Anonymous you should be able to write what you want. Your true fans will appreciate true posts from you that you are passionate about! Keep up the good work!