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OK. After I was given some grief for questioning whether a place could be dubbed the "best pizza in South Florida" within 24 hours of putting out some pies for an opening party, I've realized it's only fair to put the question to the test of public opinion. Indeed with the influx of new pizza places, some further investigation would seem to be in order. In the span of a week, we've got Racks in North Miami Beach opened, Sosta on Lincoln Road opened, and Jonathan Eismann's Pizza Volante opening in the Design District. Not so long ago Joey's Wynwood (recently recognized in Food & Wine), Blu Pizza e Cucina in Mary Brickell Village and Pizza Fusion in North Miami Beach opened their doors. A new pizza place from the owners of Sardinia called Casale is in the pipeline, and stalwarts like Spris, Piola and Pizza Rustica on South Beach and Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Aventura are still plugging along.

As if more inspiration was needed, Jonathan Alan Richman (sorry, Modern Lovers on the brain) just came out in GQ with his list of the top 25 pizzas in the country - and no, there are no Miami places listed. This summary from Serious Eats is almost as good a read as the original.

So which Miami pizza really is the best? Help me decide:

(1) Some wise person suggested a pizza crawl to try out the contenders. A brilliant idea. I'd propose it start on Lincoln Road where newcomer Sosta and old-timers Spris, Piola and Pizza Rustica can go face to face (and Casale if it's open). Then perhaps a Downtown/Wynwood/Design District trek with Blu Pizza, Joey's and Pizza Volante. And finally a trek up north to Pizza Fusion, Anthony's and Racks. Who's in? Send me an email (link is in the profile above) or better yet, join the Miami Chowdown Google Group to work out logistics.

(2) I've started a poll over on the right column listing the candidates. Once you've tried, cast your vote.


  1. Frod,

    You know I'm in.


  2. You know, I've dined at several of the Anthony's and Aventura really did not deliver at the same level. Too bad we can't really fit Pinecrest or Pembroke into there. Does anyone know when Doral's opening up?

  3. I've eaten at a very small place right off Government Center called Nostra Pizza (or vice versa) and that is honestly some of the best pizza I've eaten in Miami. Granted, I haven't been to many pizza joints, but it was awesome.

  4. I'm up for a pizza crawl. I've recently discovered and been enjoying, pies from "Miami's Best Pizza" in Sunset. By the way Frod it's Alan Richman.

  5. JL - thanks for the correction. I'm must be going faster miles an hour.

  6. What a great idea! I'm there!

  7. Andiamo is missing from this list! Also, for a New York style slice, I think Mario the Baker comes closest.

  8. There is an unheralded spot on this list in Brickell that is doing pizza the right way. Would suggest folks check out Pieducks when you get a chance. It is my go to spot when I'm craving a pie. Brick oven goodness that uses mostly organic products such as Italian plum tomato sauce, Vermont organic flour, Wisconsin and California artisinal cheeses and a lot more. Killer slices and quick delivery. Check it out at I need to put up a post about this place this week.

  9. OK, looks like we'll need to think about how to deal with write-in candidates. If someplace gets enough mentions, I'll consider adding it.

  10. I think Andiamo is past its prime. However, Pieduck's is very good, as is Moriano. I'm not really sure they're AS good as some of these other mentions.

  11. Miami's Best on US-1


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