Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doors Fly Open at Pizzavolante

Pizzavolante, the new pizza parlor and mozzarella bar from Pacific Time chef Jonathan Eismann, opened today. By noon they already had pies going out the door, even as the awning was still going up outside. I popped in to take a look and grab a menu but didn't have time to sample - maybe later tonight. In the meantime, here below is the menu, and some very quick impressions.

Pizzavolante menu

It's a short and sweet listing of pizzas, and for the most part pretty traditional. Standard pies are done with fresh mozzarella from local producer Vito Volpe, whose stuff is also featured in the mozzarella bar, or you can splurge and go for the fancier stuff on a $13 pie. There are also a couple calzones if you prefer your pizza stuffed. The wood-fired oven is pretty impressive, as is the pile of firewood waiting to fuel it. Locavores will appreciate the "Volante 100," with all toppings or fillings grown or produced within 100 miles of the store.

The mozzarella bar features several different varieties (an organic bufala mozzarella from Vermont, two different Italian D.O.P. mozzarellas di bufala, and Vito's local cow's milk mozzarella, some of which is custom made for the restaurant). The mozz can be paired with a bunch of different accompaniments, from fried zucchini to prosciutto di parma to trofie pasta with pesto. The menu also features a few sandwiches, a few pasta options, and a daily special (all old-school Italian stuff like lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, veal marsala) available to eat in, for take out or delivery.

Several very reasonably priced wines are available (18 under $18), as well as good beers including Bud for a buck. Let the pizza wars begin.

If you want to see how the magic happens, here's a video of Vito making his mozzarella:

3918 N. Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137

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  1. Thanks for the menu! You know, I called the other day and was told that the menu would only be on the blackboard each day and that I'd have to come in and see it. Apparently, that's not exactly the case.