Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wine Dinner at 5300 Chophouse

OK - a few words of caution before I put this one up: (1) I do not watch Hell's Kitchen, don't get to Doral that often, and so had never heard of 5300 Chophouse or its chef Josh Wahler; (2) $125 seems a bit steep for a restaurant and winery I've never heard of (as for the wine, my guess is that Sunbox Eleven is a Crushpad custom crush thing, not that there is anything wrong with that); and (3) the shill quotient seems high, what with a New Times blog entry generating 21 comments and about 10x that many exclamation points. But having said all that, both the menu and wines look somewhat interesting, so here it is - the 5300 Chophouse / Sunbox Eleven wine dinner, to happen on May 28, $125 per person inclusive of tax and tip.

5300 Chophouse
5300 NW 87th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178


  1. Seven dishes paired with very limited production, boutique wines for $125 all-inclusive. To get high quality and high quantity, it sounds great to me!!! But I must be one of those shills with all my exclamation points. The shills did make amazing comments, probably because they actually experienced the food of the chefs and the wine and found it all worth the drive to the Doral.

  2. I'd love if somebody would actually describe the food instead of just add more exclamation marks, as I'm genuinely interested in the food. The wine too. But $125 just seems out of whack when - for instance - a recent dinner at the Setai with Patz & Hall wines ran $110 (albeit excl. tax & tip).

    Here's another, perhaps a better comparison, at Neomi's in Sunny Isles with wines from Stratton Lummis and Row Eleven for $75 inclusive.

    I'd think one of the points of opening a restaurant someplace like Doral instead of South Beach is that you can price more reasonably. $125 is on the upper range of what I have seen anywhere.

  3. Yawn-no one's asking you to mention every sh*tty wine dinner that comes down the pike-so I guess you're just shillin', too, Frod. Or at least pimpin'!

  4. Danny - first, you can say shitty here. We're all adults, except Frod Jr. and Little Miss F (and somehow they've heard it before, though I don't know where from). And if I'm shillin' and pimpin', sadly I'm doing so for free as nobody offered me a freebie to this $125 dinner.

    Yes, I do post the stuff that I find interesting for one reason or another, which is not nearly everything (and usually tag it "just passing it along"). This one caught my eye because of the surprising price tag and the Crushpad "winery". If it were maybe half the price I'd even think about making the trek to Doral to try it.

  5. Hey I'm on your side Frod-I also love to post about shit I hate just so I can snark them out. It's one of the few pleasures left in blogging. That and the free booze, of course...