Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm not Twittering yet, but...

... I'll admit I'm curious. Apparently you can pick up some interesting tidbits, such as that Alinea's chef de cuisine is a fan of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink (whereas Rocco Dispirito is a Casa Tua guy):

Gachatz: Buying my hard working- vacationing chef de cuisine and his lovely girlfriend dinner in Miami tomorrow night. Where do I send them? from twitterrific

roccodispirito: @Gachatz Casa Tua food, service and decor is stunning! A must in Miami. Great gift for a hard working chef de cuisine. Azul rocks too. from web in reply to Gachatz

Gachatz: @roccodispirito trust your opinion, assume you have been? from twitterrific in reply to roccodispirito

roccodispirito: @Gachatz Been many times to Casa Tua. The Chef Sergio Sigala is phenomenal. Nothing like it in NYC or Chicago. Get the ravioli de plin! from web in reply to Gachatz

roccodispirito @Gachatz did he like casa tua? from web in reply to Gachatz

Gachatz: @roccodispirito loved the outside patio, liked the food at m.genuine better. from twitterrific in reply to roccodispirito

roccodispirito: @Gachatz wow cant wait to try m.genuine then. is that a new place in miami? from web in reply to Gachatz


  1. Funny. I used to love going to Casa Tua for drinks before the upstairs went private. I haven't eaten there in years. Maybe I should give it another shot if Rocco says so...

  2. I'm still in the Twitter 'test phase'... trying to decipher whether it's really worth the time or not. The problem is that it's only truly beneficial when you follow many or have many followers, and you must weed through tons of garbage to find gold. I know that chefs (even well-known ones that I greatly admire) all across the US close their restaurant service at the end of the night but we don't need to hear tweets from everyone of them saying so.
    gachatz is definitely a good one to follow (just by default) and I like the random musings. I've also recently found that Graham Elliot Bowles is a great tweeter, but it's more in the vein of comedy than food knowledge. Other chefs seem to put up unneccesary mumblings such as Eric Ripert one night microwaving m&m's as a late night snack. For myself, I am a conservative tweeter. Drunk dialing can cause embarrasment with friends, but drunk tweeting is just annoying. I like Chris Cosentino, but his tweets are worthless for the most part with a few nice bits of info.
    yeah, yeah, you get my point. Are we all trying to find the balance with this thing, because the technology is incredible.

  3. Chad, those weren't Ripert's M&M's

  4. Sounds to me like the "it wasn't me, it was my evil twin" defense.