Thursday, April 23, 2009

La Cofradia Ceviche Bar Menu Preview

ceviche bar lunch La Cofradia opened in Coral Gables in late 2005. Its Nuevo-Peruvian food was often pretty good, but the clubby-looking restaurant with an odd long narrow layout - and the high prices - seemed to keep it from ever getting much traction. About a month ago, La Cofradia closed its doors and filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Almost immediately after doing so, though, it asked to dismiss the bankruptcy case, and signs appeared in the window announcing the impending opening of "La Cofradia Ceviche Bar" in early May. A new menu has now been posted outside, of which I have a couple terrible photos. (Silly me - I now see that they've updated the website with the new menu as well).

ceviche bar dinnerThe quick recap: the food has gotten much simpler, with a fairly straight-ahead listing of about a half-dozen ceviches, tiraditos, and various combinations thereof (all priced around $13-15); several salads and cooked apps, including some traditional Peruvian causas, and a great pork and grapes dish which is a carry-over from the original menu; saltados (stir-fry?) with your choice of protein; and a number of other entrees all priced under $25. Plus daily lunch specials for $13.50. I often complain about "dumbing down," but if it helps a restaurant survive, in these times I suppose that's the name of the game. It'll be interesting to see if it works for this new incaranation of La Cofradia.

La Cofradia
160 Andalusia Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134


  1. Im guessing youve eaten there before? I have to admit that Ive been only once but I liked the food. The thing that killed it for me was the price. I just didnt think the food was that special that it justified the price. Id rather go elsewhere for Peruvian based food at a lesser price that is just as good, if not better, for much less. Really liked the space though and thought the service was good.

  2. I did go there a few times (lunch only) and my reaction was the same as yours - good food but a little too precious and pricey.

  3. I went last night and was disappointed. A little too expensive for the portion size. The Pear Manchego Salad was good. The alfajores were fantastic but each one was tiny but there were only 3!!! The fish entree was good but again the portion was very small for $24. I do not plan on returning b/c I wasn't that impressed w/ the restaurant in general. The parking valet was nasty. He didn't even offer to bring the car around at the end of the night!! The parking meters are cheaper! So,no tip for him!

  4. this uptown restaurant has set up menu with very expensive dishes that have nothing out of normal. there are a couple more restaurants around the area, such as Pardos which is a very affordable restaurant with a very good flavor. the kitchen of La cofradia is very unorganized and very slow at the hour of setting the first course after the appetizers, and the second course or desert after the first one, there is not such a thing a timing.
    the treat is poor, some waiters are showing off and trying to flirt with every girl to the point where they get annoying.
    the good thing they have is the bar and its very friendly bartender Ronald, he made our time in the restaurant a very pleasant one. kudos for that.